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As Berlin's first sustainable office lunch service, we do everything we can to completely satisfy our customers.

Our aim is to deliver the tastiest office lunches– completely without single-use packaging!


Our mouth-wateringly good dishes, perfected for delivery, are prepared fresh daily by star chefs. Our menu changes constantly according to seasonality.

We don't use additives, preservatives or any other nonsense. Instead, we focus on nutritional balance and, of course, also offer vegan, vegetarian and gluten-free meals.


We use regional and seasonal ingredients wherever possible. And, as Berlin's first sustainable delivery service, what we are particularly proud of is our reuse policy together with collective deliveries for reduced packaging waste and a lower environmental impact. Our reusable bowls are made from a PP material that can be used for at least 200 fillings and is 100% recyclable. Through collective deliveries to the same address, we have a lower ecological impact. To order from Sublim, register your company with us. If you are not yet registered, we invite you to order a complimentary tasting box for your company.


We deliver to your office at an agreed time and, upon request, leave the orders on a collection shelf, with individual names on each order.

All meals come chilled in our reusable bowls and can be microwaved without first needing to be transferred to new crockery (reheating instructions can be found on the label). So nothing becomes cold if your lunch break is postponed.

The used bowls are then placed in the return box provided, which we collect the next day. Reusable can be this convenient.

How it works

Try it
We will happily deliver a complimentary tasting box for your team to try.

Was it good?
We then register your business address in our ordering system. You tell us whether your employees will be paying for themselves or whether you will be subsidising their meals – either in part or in full.

From this point on, every employee can order when and what they like.
Until 11 a.m. on the desired day of delivery.
No minimum order quantities.
Reusable service: deposit-free delivery; collection and cleaning from 1.90 € per order.

For larger groups just send an email. More information in the chart right down at the bottom of this page.

Orders arrive punctually at the agreed time and are labelled with the individual names. For organisational purposes we can provide a Sublim collection shelf on request.

To ensure that the food in your office tastes as flawless as it does when it leaves our kitchen, we deliver all dishes chilled.
In this way, nothing becomes soggy and the vitamins are preserved.
Your lunch can be heated up in the microwave in its PP bowl in just a few minutes – whenever you have time to eat.

For larger groups warm meals can be delivered (see chart right down at the bottom of this page)

Enjoy your meal!

When you've finished eating, simply place your rinsed bowl in the return box provided and we'll collect it the next day.